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We need a systematic, service-wide approach to lifting people’s capability to improve the overall performance of the APS for today and the future. We will draw on international best practice and focus on professionalisation of APS roles. We will implement a future-fit workforce strategy and build scalable development, identification and recruitment strategies for the workforce.

Through information, relationships, services and counsel, we will support and strengthen the APS. This includes supporting the APS to prioritise the development of people and undertake whole-of-service workforce analysis and planning to inform long-term strategies.

We will be exemplars of public service, demonstrating impeccable stewardship and integrity, and skilfully leading reform. We will promote, support and reflect the need for and benefits from a diverse APS workforce. Our capability development initiatives will target the skills we know are needed into the future, including stronger capabilities in the areas of data, analytics and research.

To support sustainable capability growth, we will develop a whole-of-government workforce strategy to provide a roadmap for the future APS workforce, and identify priority areas for workforce development and investment. The strategy will be supported by initiatives to build capability and capitalise on the benefits of digital transformation and increased diversity, reflective of the Australian community.

Performance measure

Area of focus


Targets for 2019–20

Build workforce capability in the APS

Workforce strategy

Plan workforce development for a future-fit APS.

Build digital capability in the APS by partnering with the Digital Transformation Agency

Gather and analyse workforce-related data


Strategy is endorsed by Secretaries Board by the end of 2019

Feedback from building digital capability program a positive shift in capability

Data and research

Our data is regularly used to develop and assess workforce policies and practices

We respond to >85 per cent of data requests within five days

APS employee census response rates remain high

Workplace relations

Evaluation data indicates a positive shift in agencies’ workplace relations capability


Learning and development


Evaluation data from learning and development programs indicates a positive shift in capability

Last reviewed: 
26 August 2019