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Good governance with genuine transparency and accountability is pivotal to the professional performance of the APS and its ability to deliver the services Australians rely on.

We will make a practical difference to the current and future effectiveness of the APS, in order to best serve the people of Australia. Our focus will be on a culture of continuous improvement, emphasising collaboration, partnership and managing innovation, risk and change.

We will work with our stakeholders to transition the APS employment framework, and promote a performance culture and high standards of accountability.

We will collaborate and encourage new approaches, including co-designing solutions, to strengthen the professionalism of the APS and facilitate continuous improvement in workforce management. 

We will advise and assist agencies on public service matters, and promote the APS Values, the APS Employment Principles and the Code of Conduct.

We will work with agencies to strengthen the culture, governance and leadership model across the APS, including supporting a fit for purpose employment framework that supports an engaged and effective workforce.

We will also focus on new and dynamic ways of working by enhancing opportunities for staff mobility across the APS. We will also continue to contribute to the effective operation of the workplace relations system.

Performance measure

Area of focus


Targets for 2019–20

Transform the APS employment framework

Employment framework

Support the Government’s policy agenda


Feedback from stakeholders indicates an increased knowledge and confidence in using more contemporary employment practices

APS census results indicate an increase in mobility opportunities and collaboration across the APS

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and gender strategies endorsed by the Secretaries  Equality and Diversity Council

Census results for diversity and inclusion reflect a positive shift in the perceptions of all employees, and employees from specific diversity groups

Shape the APS workforce

Workplace relations

Partner with agencies to achieve compliance with the Government’s bargaining policies

Support agencies to improve their workplace relations skills and performance

100% of new agreements made are compliant with Government policy

Last reviewed: 
21 August 2019