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Our people, culture, governance principles, processes, systems and knowledge combine to make up our organisational capability. To achieve our purpose and support the Government’s priorities for the APS over the four-year period of this corporate plan, we will continue to enhance our capability to ensure we can respond flexibly to the challenges, risks and opportunities in our environment.

Capability review

An independent review of our capability is considering how well placed we are to meet current and future challenges, and how we can best position the Australian Public Service Commission for the future.

Workforce plan

We employ around 200 staff. Most are located in our Canberra office, with 10 staff working from our office in Sydney.

We provide resources and support for two statutory office holders, the Australian Public Service Commissioner and the Merit Protection Commissioner, and also provide policy and secretariat support to the Remuneration Tribunal and the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal.

To deliver on our purpose now and over the next four years, we will develop and implement a workforce plan to address our current and future capability needs, and ensure we are an employer of choice in a competitive marketplace. This will include more agile approaches to the way we work, as well as a greater focus on recruiting the right skills, developing our people, and our diversity and inclusion strategies.

Information and communications technology (ICT)

Digital transformation will enable more analysis, speed, flexibility and transparency, which will change the way we work. This will bring new opportunities and challenges in the areas of data management, security and privacy.

We have begun making significant improvements to our ICT capability to support our own digital transformation to a flexible, responsive and connected environment. We have moved to a fully protected network to reflect and support ongoing information management. Over the next four years we will implement ICT strategies to support future business requirements, including improving the digital maturity of our corporate systems and applications that support our work.

We will also improve our ICT systems and applications including further work on APSJobs, and ongoing support for the collection of workforce data.


We will develop a finance strategy and plan to ensure resource allocation and investment is aligned to our outcomes. The strategy will enable us to meet Government priorities in an efficient and sustainable manner, in accordance with the Commonwealth Financial Framework. This will include a focus on cost benefit analysis, benefits realisation and risk assessment.

Last reviewed: 
21 August 2019